Learning and Development of TVET Trainers

A significant step was accomplished through the EYE project to help in developing the performance of TVET trainers in the Gaza Strip. A programme was conducted targeting 100 trainers selected from various TVET centres and schools working in the public and private sectors in Gaza Strip. It focuses on TVET trainers from the Ministry of Labour (MoL), the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MoEHE), the Ministry of Social Affairs, UNRWA, Near East Council of Churches (NECC) and the Irada Project of the Islamic University of Gaza.

The training was a first step towards developing the skills and competences of trainers working in TVET schools and centres. The following participants reflect their experience with this programme.

Dr. Wael Thabet,  Local Trainer

“The training programme addressed the labour market needs where it trained the trainers to enable them transfer their knowledge and skills to graduates. There is deep communication between the local and the international expertise which led to a big success.”

Emad Al Masri, IRADA Project

“This is the first time to see such a comprehensive training programme which targets trainers, managers and secretaries. The project as well develops curricula, equips centres of competence and sets TVET policies. The project is on the right track and it will have an impact on TVET centres and Gaza Strip in the future.”

Ton Farla, International Trainer

“I think the programme is a fundamental step forward. If we see the results we have achieved; participants have deeper understanding for the meaning of TVET in relation to labour market, employment and critical thinking. I am so proud of my trainers….”

“My experience in terms of motivation, I felt these trainees are very motivated compared to other countries’ trainees in the region. I feel very positive and felt that I worked very hard and achieved very good progress.”